The North was nice, but the South is better…

Hey friends!

I’m back from New York! I had an absolutely amazing time…it went by way too fast, but it was great. Let me just let you in on a little fact about me…I had NEVER seen “real” Fall weather before. Even though my family is from up North, I only got to visit during the summer and winter times. When I got picked up at the airport by my dear friend, who scared me by coming up behind me, it was nearly midnight, so I didn’t get to see a whole lot of NY at that time. In the morning, it was a different story! We headed to the campaign office around 9:30 and the COLORS, friends, were AH-MAZING. :) Gorgeous. I have never seen anything like the reds, oranges, yellows, and greens that belonged to all the different trees there. It was beautiful. Anyway, on Sunday, we decided to take a break and went to explore New York City for a bit. This was my first time in NYC and I really enjoyed it! We walked Central Park (which is beautiful), walked around Times Square, down by the water towards Long Island, saw the Empire State building, and the UN headquarters, Grand Central Station, and then back to Central Park. It was pretty stinkin’ awesome. :) It was amazing to hear all the different languages…it was very cool. Some of my favorite snapshots are posted at the end.

After NYC, we got up the next morning and worked the next three days in the office…most days were 14 hr work days, but it was so much fun. I’d forgotten how much I’ve missed the whole political scene. You see, politics is my element. :) It doesn’t feel like work to me. And even though it can get stressful, hectic, and frustrating at times, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. :)

How have you been, friend? Hope you had a wonderful week…I’d love to hear about it!


About Christianna

Just an ordinary person trying to live each day like it's her last...with love, hope, and faith. :)
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