New York Bound…Once Again! :)

Hello all!

How has your week been so far? I hope it has been splendid! Guess what??? I have some pretty exciting news (at least it is for me!)…I am going BACK to NEW YORK on SATURDAY!!!! :) This time I’m staying for a lovely month. :) I’m heading back up there to work on a campaign and I.Am.So.Excited! :) Somehow, my professors found it in their heart to let me go and GET THIS :: they aren’t counting me absent AND I just have to email them once a week and turn in everything when I get back. AWESOME! And my awesome bosses at my two jobs are letting me off for these next few weeks. YES! It’s amazing how God worked all of this out. I mean, seriously…I prayed about it and God opened one door after another and it has all come together…I leave Saturday morning, bright and early at lovely 6 AM. :) It goes to show you that God really does care about every detail of your life…even the smaller ones. So, yes, you’ll soon be getting updates from the lovely New York soon. :)


About Christianna

Just an ordinary person trying to live each day like it's her last...with love, hope, and faith. :)
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5 Responses to New York Bound…Once Again! :)

  1. Candice says:

    ah, you make me to almost want to buy a ticket bound to NY.. I never been there. You’re lucky everything worked out for you. Have fun :D I will come back to your blog some other time.

  2. Christianna says:

    Well, come on and jump on that plane with me! We could shake up the town! ;) Last week was my first time there..I never thought I’d actually get to go! Hopefully you will too :) Thanks again for checking the blog out…hope you’ll check back often! :)

  3. candice says:

    haha I wish

  4. candice says:

    by chance I saw this link on FB about New York and thought maybe you could try this out..

  5. Christianna says:

    Oh my word! That is a great article…thanks so much, Candice! It will definitely come in handy with finding new places and my lovely budget! :)

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