Warning: This Post Contains MASSIVE Amounts of Sarcasm. {But Take Joy}

Hi Friends,

Is it cool if I do a little bit of venting real quick? {Considering you can’t really respond until after I post this, I guess it’s an illegit question. Oh well} Anyway, this week and part of next week is finals week, otherwise known as “Dead week.” I honestly am not stressed out about the finals per say, but all the stress from the rest of the semester has chosen this week to catch up with me. Boo. I’m taking 21 hours this semester and it was going great until I had a teacher who chose not to teach. Yup. You read it right. You see, I’ve had some AMAZINGLY AWESOME professors this semester and then I’ve had one that is anything but. I’m not usually so hard on professors and usually we get along great, except this lady chose not to teach us this semester, respond to emails, or respond to phone calls. {I’m PAYING for this treatment????} So, I go to the department head and he basically tells me life’s not fair, get over it. Gee thanks, buddy. I have all the other students emailing me with their protests/complaints about this teacher and he didn’t even look at the emails. Awesome. Anyway, after I went and talked to him, I went and sat in my car while I had a mini melt-down…okay it was a major melt-down. {Let’s be honest here}I have a 3.957 GPA and this ONE class is pretty much mess that up. {Hip, hip, hooray}

BUT as I was having my melt-down and more so afterwards, I was reminded of two things that happened earlier today. Earlier this morning, I watched an interview with Laura Hackett, an insanely anointed worship leader for IHOP {you seriously need to check her out}, about the new IHOP album, “Joy” {check out their version of “Joyful, Joyful…it’s been on repeat the last three weeks [embedded video below]}. She quoted John 16:33 and I didn’t really think much about it, but then a few hours later a friend posted that verse as her facebook status. I thought about it and I was like “okay, God, maybe you’re trying to tell me something.” Then this whole thing happened this afternoon. Yeah it sucks, like really sucks, but God is bigger than a stupid “C” in a class…he’s bigger than that and he told me to “take heart” and I’m choosing to remember joy in this time. All too much in my life, joy has been dependent upon my circumstances, but that isn’t what “true joy” is about. God is revealing that to me. Another verse came to mind during this time too, John 16:22, “and no one will take away your joy.” Not even ridiculous professors and department heads.

So, take joy, friends. Because our God is greater, out God is bigger, and no one can take away the joy that we have in Him. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day, friends. I’m off to study for more finals, four down…three to go! :)

What lessons have you learned about joy?

Enjoy this video of IHOP’s rendition of “Joyful, Joyful” — great isn’t it?! Their ministry is amazing…check it out online.



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2 Responses to Warning: This Post Contains MASSIVE Amounts of Sarcasm. {But Take Joy}

  1. Christianna says:

    Not sure it that “hmmm…ok” is a good thing or bad thing, but nevertheless…thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you’ll check back for updates :)

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