Hayli Lindgren.

So, I am SO excited about this new post in our series. Why? Because this week we have out first ever international artist interview! Please welcome the lovely,

Hayli Lindgren

Who would you compare your sound to?

I would say that its similar to dido or perhaps Katie Melua with more of a dancy feel to it.

Where does your songwriting process start?

It normally starts with stories or a message that I want to convey. I have so many songs buzzing around my head so its never difficult to find inspiration.

Do you like writing solo or with others better?

I like writing solo best as I know exactly how I want it to sound because it has to be exactle as I hear it in my head.

Where do a lot of your songs come from? (i.e. personal experiences, friends, experiences, etc)

Each of my songs usually tells a story which there is a message behind for example “Miss Maripold” which is on my album is about an old lady who has lived her life with unforgivness and is bitter and resentful. The moral of the story of course is not to follow in her foot steps :)

How/when did you get into music?

I wrote my first song “ Superficial World” when I was 16 as a need to express what I saw going on around me. It was only last year when God helped me complete the song.

Who/what are some of your biggest influences?

My family, my husband and daughters. Other artists which make a difference with their voices.

If you had to pick, which of your songs is your favorite and why?

My favourite would be Oxygen because it reminds me how much I love my Husband and how marriage is exciting.

When you’re not performing/writing music, what do you like to do?

Love to go on walks in the countryside, love watching period dramas, Love poetry and spending time with the people I love.

Who is your biggest inspiration to succeed in this industry?

Its difficult to say but I love LZ7 and bebe vox who work in schools with their music to spread the gospel, that is definately something on my wish list. The definition of success is different to different people, in my opinion they are the most successful.

What is the best thing about being an artist?

The opportunity to influence!

What is the worst thing about being an artist?

Everyone has a different opinion and judgement about your music and who you are as a person.

What is the number one thing you hope people get out of your music?

Enjoyment, I want people to like to listen to it whilst knowing there is a deeper meaning behind the songs.

Just for Fun: :)

Who are you listening to on your ipod right now (or walkman, CD player, record player or whatever your poison is)?

Hillsong aftermath. tastyfresh.com has some great christian dance music which is so so cool!

What is your favorite television show/movie?

Pride and predjudice!

Who would you trade lives with for a day?

Princess Diana if she lived today.

What city is your favorite place that you have lived/visited?

London, Notting hill. So romantic.

Tea or Coffee?

Absolutely tea!

Besides music, do you have any other extraordinary talents? (it can be as serious or crazy as you want to confess ;) )

Im a black belt in Karate and love chainsaws which is quite scary I suppose!

Who is your favorite author/book?

Jane Austen

Give us a quote, by you or anyone else, just something that seems to stick with you.

His ways are higher than my ways….

If you could send a message to your fans/future fans, what would you want them to know? (you can do this in writing or even a video message to them!)

Im honored that you like my music and choose to listen to it :)

So, as you can see Hayli is a pretty wonderful gal. She seems like the girl everyone wants to be best friends with. Not only does she like Jane Austen, but she has a black belt too…watch out world! Seriously though, her music is awesome. It’s not often that you find music that has a dancy feel to it that is 1) clean and 2) has pure vocal and musical quality. High quality, may I add. I love it! So, special thanks to Hayli for participating in this series, and for being our first international artist featured. Check out her website, buy her entire album on itunes or amazon, follow her on twitter, or check out her facebook and myspace.

Thanks again, Hayli! :)

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  1. emognormdug says:

    Here are some of my favoriate songs: Life After You – By Daughtry, Keep On Lovin’ You – By Steel Magnolia, Heroes – By David Bowie, Thirteen – By Big Star, Polaroids And Red Wine – By Jaguar Love, Paparazzi – By Lady Gaga, All Along the Watchtower – By Jimi Hendrix, For What It’s Worth – By Buffalo Springfield, Use Somebody – By Kings Of Leon, OMG – By Usher Featuring Will.i.am, Blitzkrieg Bop – By Ramones, He’s a Rebel – By The Crystals, Chicken Fried – By Zac Brown Band, Need You Now – By Lady Antebellum, Cortez the Killer – By Neil Young, Tutti-Frutti – By Little Richard.

  2. CricheCerce says:

    Here is a list of my favoriate songs: Kandi – By One Eskimo, Say Aah Fabolous] – By Trey Songz, Enter Sandman – By Metallica, Walk This Way – By Aerosmith, Viva La Vida – By Coldplay, She Won’t Be Lonely Long – By Clay Walker, Just Like a Woman – By Bob Dylan, For What It’s Worth – By Buffalo Springfield, Naturally – By Selena Gomez And The Scene, Resistance – By Muse, Bohemian Rhapsody – By Queen, California Dreamin’ – By The Mamas and The Papas, One Time – By Justin Bieber, Bulletproof – By La Roux, Cortez the Killer – By Neil Young, Tutti-Frutti – By Little Richard.

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