Why hello.

Hey there, blog world.

It’s been a while. Quite a while. To fill you in on the past couple of months in a short, non-detailed post — Life has been crazy, but it’s a good kind of crazy. I finished the spring semester, started the summer semester, finished the summer semester, and now I’m just a few weeks out from starting the fall semester. Yay me. Mixed in with that insane amount of school, I’ve been working [a lot], been spending time with my wonderful family, making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and starting a new church [which i absolutely love]. So, yeah, there’s been a lot of change happening the past couple months. I won’t post a long drawn out post because frankly I don’t have time today and you probably won’t want to read it, but I will let you guys know that I now have a twitter [see side of blog] so you should follow me and I’ll follow you back [maybe, as long as you’re not stalkishly weird]. I also have a tumblr, which I’ve been told is the same thing as a blog, but somehow I don’t feel guilty for posting one sentence posts [does that make it like twitter?] or quotes without posting something to go along with it like I do here on the “original blog.” I can’t post on here without feeling like I have some sort of substantial information to share. Anyway, I have a tumblr, ok? And I like it. So you should check it out.

I’m going to be posting a blog soon that actually makes sense and it’s going to be awesome. I promise. [No refunds, if you don’t like it though.]

Til then or until you tweet me or ask me a question on tumblr.




About Christianna

Just an ordinary person trying to live each day like it's her last...with love, hope, and faith. :)
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